About the Artist


MATTHEW KINSEY is a traditional oil painter specializing in still life and figurative art, working in a style that employs techniques of the Old Masters and 19th Century European academies.

Matthew’s work has been selected for numerous private collections and commissioned portraits. His paintings have been featured in many solo and group shows at private and public galleries over two decades.

Utrecht Art Supplies retains Matthew as a consultant, technical writer and as chief representative for the “Ask the Experts” service. He has given lectures and presentations for a number of schools and organizations including Ohio Art Education Association, Wittenberg University, Ohio Dominican University and Ohio Wesleyan University.

In 2009 I helped launch Utrecht’s “Ask the Experts” service for which I act as principal representative. This unique service offers free advice on safe and effective use of art materials. Ask the Experts gives artists and educators access to detailed, authoritative information about the products they use every day. Answers are thoroughly researched, based on manufacturer inquiries, conservation literature, modern and historical texts and my own practical experience in the studio. Submit your question today through the Utrecht website or use the form provided below.

The Resource Guide

I began writing for Utrecht Art Supplies in 2004, when I was asked by John Dowers, the company’s CEO at the time, to contribute tutorials, product information and images of my paintings for the first edition of the Resource Guide, Utrecht’s “big book” catalog. That year I also revived the company’s original literature written by Ralph Mayer and the company’s founders, selecting key articles and editing for newer materials and practices. Since 2004 I have contributed to every edition; some of the content I helped create is also available at Utrecht’s Learning Center.

Freelance Writing

Feel free to contact me with proposals for interesting projects relating to art supplies, studio craft and materials safety including:

  • How-to articles and tutorials
  • Product literature
  • Advertising and Catalog Copy
  • Product Demonstrations and Reviews
  • Workshops and Lectures


Recent Works, Ann Miller Gallery, Wittenberg University, 2005
Myth, Allegory & Beauty, Sharon Weiss Gallery, 2005
Classically Observed, Sharon Weiss Gallery, 2004
Classical Collections, Sharon Weiss Gallery, 2003
Matthew Kinsey- New Works, Antiques and Art on Poplar, 2001 & 2002
The Artists’ Subjects, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, 1997
John Chamberlain Memorial Exhibition, Roy G. Biv, 1992


We love Cincinnati – Painting the Queen City, Eisele Gallery, 2012
Portrait Fair, Eisele Gallery, 2011
Fresh off the Easel, Eisele Gallery, 2011
Group Figurative Exhibition, J&W Gallery, 2010
Salon Show, Mitchell Sotka, 2009, 2010
A to Z, Clossons, 2008
Unveiling, Moxie Dada, 2008
Zanesville Museum of Art, 2007
Dealer’s Choice, Capital University, 2007
Art For Life (live auction), Columbus Museum of Art, 2002, 2004, 2006
Art at High Road, High Road Gallery, 2002
Main Street Invitational, Schumacher Gallery, Capital University, 2002
Group Show, Barth Galleries, 2000
An Evening with the Duchess of York (auction for the benefit of Chances for Children), 2000
Salon show, Spangler Cummings Gallery, 1996 and 1997
The Known and the Unknown, It’s an Art Gallery, 1994


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art and Design, 1991
Studied intensively under Neil Riley and Charles Hall
Studied painting techniques under Douglas Norman and Nathaniel Larrabee (student of Reed Kay)
Attended lectures by Jules Kirschenbaum, Robert Kulick and nationally-known CCAD alumnus Dean Mitchell


Workshop Instructor, Ohio Art Education Association Professional Development Conference, 2011
Guest lecturer, Ohio State University, 2011
‘Ask the Expert’ representative, Utrecht Art Supplies, 2009-present
Consulting Technical Editor, Writer, Utrecht Art Supplies, 2004-present
Painting Instructor, EOAG Art Center, 2009
Guest Lecturer, Wittenberg University, 2005
Product endorsement and images appear nationally in Utrecht Art Supplies catalog, 2005
Guest Lecturer, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, 1997
Visiting Artist, Painting Festival, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, 1995
Visiting Artist, Painting Techniques Class, Columbus College of Art and Design, 1992
Instructor, Saturday Art Classes, Columbus College of Art and Design, 1988-1995


Cleveland, OH & Chautauqua, NY: Mitchell Sotka
Cincinnati, OH: Eisele Galleries